January 16, 2019No Comments

Love, Kindness and Courage

Words: Phil Orr

In the spring of 1984 I was completing my fifth year as a young English teacher. Beneath my confident classroom persona I was crumbling. I must have visited the doctor more times than I can count, complaining of various symptoms. Cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis- I had them all, except that I didn’t have these things of course. My imaginary ailments were soon replaced with panic attacks in which I was seized with occasional, sudden and unpredictable terror that left me shaking

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January 4, 2019No Comments

We need to talk more about mental health

Words: Jonathan Hodge | Illustration: Joe Taylor

From actors and musicians to politicians and members of the British royal family, alongside campaigns and initiatives from mental health charities small and large, we are increasingly hearing that we need to talk more about mental health. We can only welcome mental health is being discussed more openly and frankly than ever before.

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